Amatsu Treatment

Amatsu uses a range of techniques including soft tissue work, structural adjustment, massage, mobilisation, balance to the organ system and cranial work in order to release the inherent wellness that becomes subdued with dis-ease.

It looks at the interaction of five factors for health referred to as Godai ("Go" being the Japanese for five). These five factors: Structure, Nutrition, Energy, Emotion and Environment are interdependent and can cause illness in any of the other areas.Therefore it is not just a physical injury that can cause problems to the body. All too often life's stresses mean that our bodies have to adapt and cope with tensions and strains, leading to poor posture, sluggish digestive systems, aching shoulders and necks. Amatsu may help to relieve these strains.

Amatsu Practitioners are trained to give after-care advice to clients, for example:

  • Correct physical posture whilst walking, standing, sitting and lying
  • Improving eating habits
  • Counteracting emotional stresses